Gofuku Campus Map

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Gofuku Campus

3190 Gofuku, Toyama-shi, Toyama 930-8555, Japan
Phone: 81-76-445-6011
School of Humanities School of Human Development School of Economics School of Science School of Engineering School of Sustainable Design

By Bus
About 20min. from Toyama Airport to JR Toyama Station,
About 20min. from JR Toyama Station
Bus Timetable (From JR Toyama Station to Gofuku Campus) (in Japanese)
Web page of the Local bus on the site of Toyama Chihou Tetsudou, INC. (in Japanese)
By Taxi
About 15min. from JR Toyama Station
By Car
About 10min. from Toyama-Nishi IC on Hokuriku Expressway
By Toyama Local Line
About 20min. from JR Toyama Station
Tram Timetable (in Japanese)
Web page of the Local Line on the site of Toyama Chihou Tetsudou, INC. (in Japanese)


Campus Map

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A zone

  • A6. General Education Bldg.C
  • A7. General Education Bldg.D
  • A8. General Education Bldg.E
  • A9. Disaster Countermeasures Plaza

B zone ( School of Human Development

  • B1. School of Human Development Bldg.1
  • B2. School of Human Development Bldg.2
  • B3. School of Human Development Bldg.3
  • B4. School of Human Development Bldg.4
  • B5. School of Human Development Bldg.5

C zone

  • C5. Pool
  • C6. Martial Arts Gymnasium
  • C7. Staff House

D zone (Administrative Office, School of Economics

  • D1. Administrative Office
  • D2. Student Support Services Area Cooperation and Exchange Plaza
  • D3. Health administration center
  • D4. AZAMI (Cafeteria)
  • D5. School of Economics Research Block
  • D6. School of Economics Seminar Block
  • D7. School of Economics Lecture Block

E zone ( School of Science, School of Sustainable Design

F zone ( School of Humanities

  • F1. School of Humanities Bldg.
  • F2. Student Support Institution
  • F3. Gymnasium No.3

G zone ( School of Engineering, School of Sustainable Design

  • G1. Mechanics Building
  • G2. Common Research Building
  • G3. Material Science Building
  • G4. School of Engineering Office
  • G5. Chemistry Building
  • G6. Common Lecture Hall
  • G7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Bldg.
  • G8. High-Voltage Research Laboratory
  • G9. Information Technology Building

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Gosou Area (Attached Schools, School of Human Development)

Teramachi Area (International House, Shinju-Ryou Dormitory)

  1. International House
  2. Shinjyu-Ryou Dormitory