Organization for Education and Student Support

In order to achieve the goals based on the philosophy of the University of Toyama, the Organization for Education and Student Support promotes, adjusts and supports the university-wide programs necessary for recruiting students under the Admission Policy, ensuring high-quality education, and creating good environments for students to study and live in. In doing so, it aims to contribute to the nurturing of the students.

Section for Education and Student Support Planning

  • Providing information necessary for strategic planning and making proposals

Admission Center

  • Investigation, research and proposal of admission selection methods.
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of public relations for the entrance examination.
  • Analysis and proposal for the problems related to high school / university connection.

Center for Educational Improvement

  • Ensuring the quality of the undergraduate programs, evaluating the educational activities, planning the university-wide FD programs, and advancing collaborative education with other institutions

Student Support Center

Counseling for students
Hub for Accessibility and Communication Support
Total Communication Support Initiative
Office of Services for Students with Physical Disabilities

Total Communication support for students and staffs, Support for students with high-functioning development disorders and disabilities, Promoting accessibility leader training program

Student Support Center Web Site (in Japanese)

Employment and Career Support Center

Providing employment information, consultation for students and support related to implementation of internship programs.