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Traditional medicine is regarded as the prevention and treatment of diseases utilizing natural providence and blessings. The Institute of Natural Medicine aims to contribute to the evaluation of traditional medicine(s) scientifically, using high technology to construct a new medical and pharmaceutical system integrating Eastern and Western medical systems, and to establish holistic medical care including the maintenance of the natural environment.

The institute promotes the following principal goals:

  1. ensuring and preserving natural medicinal resources,
  2. fundamental research of medical and pharmaceutical sciences, and harmonization of Eastern and Western medical systems,
  3. the establishment of scientific diagnosis and medical treatment in the system of Kampo medicine, and the nurturing of people who will be engaged in Kampo medicine,
  4. the foundation of a central base dispatching traditional medicine research and building a close connection among researchers in the institute, and performing collaborative work with domestic and international scientists.
Research Department Department of Medicinal Resources Division of Pharmacognosy
Division of Natural Product Chemistry
Department of Bioscience Division of Medicinal Pharmacology
Division of Pathogenic Biochemistry
Division of Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology
Division of Neuromedical Science
Division of Nutritional Biochemistry
Department of Clinical Science Division of Kampo Diagnostics
Department of Translational Research Division of Kampo Translational Research
Division of Natural Drug Discovery
Division of Chemo-Bioinformatics
Integrated Reseach Center for Eastern and Western Medicine
Research Center for Ethnomedicine Division of International Cooperative Research
International Cooperative Center Office: ICCO
Peking University
Chulalongkorn University
Cairo University
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
The Data Base of Ethno-Medicines in the World
Museum of Materia Medica