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Information regarding the Novel Coronavirus

February 12, 2020

For students, faculty, and staff traveling to China

For the time being, unnecessary and nonurgent travel to China (including Hong Kong, and Macau) should be avoided.
If you must travel abroad, please take note of the following.

  • 1. Keep up to date with the latest information from the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and local Japanese embassies, etc., Pay close attention to your activities and surroundings, and keep close contact with the university, family members, etc. while traveling.
  • 2. Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Travel Registration Service (Tabireji).
  • 3. To reduce the risk of infection, take measures such as washing hands with soap, use alcohol-based disinfectant, and wear a mask.
  • 4. After returning to Japan, notify the university and stay at home for a period of 14 days while monitoring your health.

For students, faculty, and staff returning from China

All returnees from China (including Hong Kong, and Macau) will be requested to stay at home for a period of 14 days from the date of return and should monitor your health carefully. The university will regularly contact you to check your health condition, but if there are any changes to your health condition, immediately contact your faculty, and contact the University Health Management Center, local welfare center/health center consultation desk listed at the bottom. Please make contact with any medical institution before visiting.

Infection prevention measures

At present, people infected with the Novel Coronavirus have been confirmed in Japan. Therefore, to prevent risk, take thorough steps against infection (washing with running water and soap, disinfect hands with alcohol, practice cough etiquette by using a mask, etc.).
Also, take personal measures such as avoiding crowds, and always pay attention to your health.

Regarding new information about Novel Coronavirus

The University updates information updates on the campus bulletin board (Hearn system, etc.) and the university's website. Since the situation is changing rapidly, please be sure to obtain the latest information from the following related information websites, news reports, etc.

Consultation desk for the Novel Coronavirus infectious disease

[Health Management Center]
Gofuku Campus 
Sugitani Campus 
Takaoka Campus 
※Reception hours: 8:30 to 17:15 (excluding weekends and holidays)
[Toyama Welfare Center / Branch / Health Center]
Contact your local welfare center.
Niikawa Welfare Center 
Niikawa Welfare Center Uozu Branch 
Chubu Welfare Center 
Takaoka Welfare Center 
Takaoka Welfare Center Imizu Branch 
Takaoka Welfare Center Himi Branch 
Tonami Health and Welfare Center 
Tonami Health and Welfare Center Oyabe Branch 
Toyama City Public Health Center 
Toyama Prefecture Health and Welfare Department Health Division 
※Medical institutions take emergency calls during the night on a rotational business. Off-duty centers will direct you by a message recording to the appropriate clinic or center.
[Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare]
Phone: 0120-565653
Reception hours: 9:00-21:00 (also available on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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