A Message from the President of the University of Toyama

The president of the University of Toyama
Endo Shunro

The University of Toyama, a platform to develop your full intellectual and human potential

University of Toyama is proud to be a comprehensive national university, offering diverse opportunities for education, research and personal growth. In October 2005, the former University of Toyama, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University and Takaoka National College were integrated to form the present University of Toyama.

The university is now an academic and research center consisting of eight faculties, including Humanities, Human Development, Economics, Science, Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering and Art and Design, an institute and a hospital. The University strongly believes in the integration of intellectual resources from across the globe. Under the rubric 'Integrating knowledge of the East and West', the University of Toyama has been pursuing academic excellence through the exchange of ideas with various countries in both East Asia and the rest of the world. Our Museum of Materia Medica which houses a collection of traditional natural and herbal medicines from throughout the world, and the Lafcadio Hearn Library, which houses a collection of books owned by this renowned western scholar of Japan, are two examples of our 'Integrating knowledge of the East and West'. The consolidation of three universities has brought together the achievements of each constituent, university and broadened Toyama's academic and social environment. In this spirit in the new University of Toyama will endeavor to make significant contributions to local, national and international society the 21st century.

Geographically, Toyama prefecture is located in the center of the Japan Sea coast, and equidistant from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Toyama is blessed with a beautiful natural environment and an abundance of resources. In addition, Toyama has a rich history of medicine, industry, craftsmanship and a high level education that attracts attention from all over Japan. Toyama-city and Takaoka-city, where our campuses are located, are modern, vibrant urban areas. The number of flights to China, Korea and Russia is increasing year by year, and the Hokuriku bullet train will begin operating shortly. With its unique combination of setting and social environment, the University of Toyama is committed to developing highly skilled graduates who will contribute to Japanese and international society. Education is essential in our rapidly changing global society, and the mission of the University of Toyama is to provide its students the opportunity to develop and reach their full intellectual and human potential.