Faculty of Engineering

In tune with the changes in society and rapid technological innovations in recent years, engineering education is also becoming more diverse, distinctive and specialized. Moreover, based on engineering ethics and bioethics, those who can contribute to local and international communities are being actively sought. From this perspective, at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Toyama the focus has been on not only widespread and in-depth learning and acquiring specialized knowledge and skills, but also on originality. This allows knowledge and skills to be put to practical use, environmental education that is friendly to the earth and human beings, language and information education for the global community and cultivating well-rounded researchers and professionals.

Departments Courses
Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering
  • Electric Systems Engineering
  • Communication and Control Engineering
  • Electronic Material and Device Engineering
Department of Intellectual Information Engineering
  • Intellectual Systems Engineering
  • Multimodal Information Engineering
  • Media Information Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering
  • Systems Design and Production Engineering
  • Energy Conversion and Environmental Engineering
  • Machine Control and Information Engineering
Department of Life Sciences and Bioengineering
  • Life Sciences and Bioengineering
Department of Environmental Applied Chemistry
  • Environmental Applied Chemistry
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering

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Faculty of engineering, University of Toyama
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Faculty of engineering, University of Toyama
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