Academic Life

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors provide assistance and advice on problems related to students studies, academic advancement, and other personal issues.
The departments with many international students have international student advisors. They provide international students of their departments by working with academic advisors.
Please make contact regularly with your academic advisor or international student advisor.


International students are assigned a tutor to provide assistance in daily life and to make research or study in specialized fields more productive. The tutor is chosen from students in a related field of study as recommended by the academic advisor.
In principle, the tutoring period is two years for undergraduate students and one year for graduate students.

Courses in Japanese as a Foreign Language

The University of Toyama offers regular courses in both Japanese as a Foreign Language and Japan studies to help undergraduate students improve their understanding of the Japanese language. (These classes are held on Gofuku Campus)
Also, the University offers courses in Japanese as a Foreign Language as an extracurricular subject to help research students and others with their academic work and their daily lives. (These classes are available at the Center for International Education and Research)

Undergraduate Students
The University offers a Japanese as a Foreign Language Course, and a Japan Studies as a General Course.
Graduate Students, Research Students and Others
The Extra-curricular Japanese Language Program is available to graduate students and research students.
Please ask for details at the Center for International Education and Research.
The Japanese Language and the Japanese Culture class are available to graduate students as a regular class on Sugitani Campus. Please inquire about classes at Educational Affairs Team of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Field Academic and Student Affairs Division.
Intensive Japanese Program
International Students at the University of Toyama (except Non-degree seeking students) can take the Intensive Japanese Program (6 month intensive course) at the Center for International Education and Research, if their Academic Advisors consider the necessity.

University Library

The University of Toyama has three libraries: the Central Library on Gofuku Campus, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Library on Sugitani Campus and the Art and Design Library on Takaoka Campus. As many as 1.36 million books in total, covering various fields of academic study, are available to students.
To use the libraries, students must show their library cards or student identification cards and books at the main desk. The Reference Section is available for consulting, inquiring, copying and reciprocal borrowing of books between campuses.

The Univresity of Toyama Library (in English)

The Center for International Education and Research

The Center for International Education and Research offers the following services.
There is the Student Lounge where international students and Japanese students can meet and talk freely anytime out of classes.

Open Hours
Weekdays: 8:15 to 18:15
Closed for weekends and national holidays

The Center for International Education and Research (in English)


1. Japanese Language Education for International Students
Intensive Japanese program, Japanese language and cultural education for undergraduate degree students as part of the program, Extracurricular Japanese language program, Japan-Korea Cooperative program for science and engineering students, research and study concerning Japanese language education, General Japanese language program.
2. Advisory and Exchange Activities
Counseling and advice for international students and understanding of different cultures.