Courses of Education and Research

The basic organization for education and research in our university consists of schools. Each school is divided into departments in accordance with individual fields.
The Graduate School Divisions, each of which is further divided into courses of special studies, are for those who intend to continue their studies after graduation from a school.

Undergraduate Students

The shortest period of study is four years (Department of Medicine and Department of Pharmacy are six years). Our university offers courses in Japanese as a foreign language and Japan studies.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Students

We offer Master's Courses and Doctoral Courses for those who wish to continue their education after graduation from the undergraduate program.

Graduate Programs


1. Research Students

International students who wish to study a specific subject may enter the university as a research student for one year.
The time of entrance is at the beginning of the academic year of the University of Toyama, in special circumstances, however, permission may be given during the academic year.

2. Non-degree-seeking Students

This is a system for those who wish to attend lectures on specified subjects.
Admission is granted at the beginning of each semester.