Delegation from China-Japan Friendship Hospital visits President Saito

On June 8, a delegation from China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH) paid a courtesy visit to President Saito of University of Toyama (UT).

Since 1986, when CJFH and UT concluded an inter-university agreement, the academic exchanges have been carried out mainly among researchers and faculty members of Institute of Natural Medicine (INM), UT. The purpose of this visit was to exchange opinions in order to further strengthen international collaboration, taking advantage of the past academic exchange achievements between both institutions.

At the courtesy visit, President Saito expressed his gratitude, mentioning his own lecture he has given at China-Japan Friendship Hospital 35th anniversary symposium and the title of honorary professor, bestowed upon by Dr. Sun Yang, Former Director of the Hospital. Then, Dr. Ding Jinghong, Vice President of CJFH, expressed her gratitude for this opportunity and her great expectations for the development of future exchanges on behalf of delegation. In the discussion, the participants lively exchanged their opinions regarding future research collaboration for Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine.

After the courtesy visit, the group visited the Department of Japanese Oriental Medicine at Toyama University Hospital, guided by Prof. Shibahara of INM. They also had the opportunity to visit Museum of Materia Medica of UT for further discussion with Prof. Hayakawa, Director of INM, and some other faculty members.

With this visit, further development between CJFH and UT can be expected.

Group photo with a delegation

      First row from left: Dr. Zhang Hongchun, Director of the Department of Chinese Traditional Medicine,
                                          Dr. Liu Lihong, Head of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
                                          Dr. Ding Jinghong, Vice President of China-Japan Friendship Hospital,
                                          President Saito,
                                          Executive Vice President Ikeda,
                                          Prof. Hayakawa, Director of Institute of Natural Medicine