Prof. Lu Haiwen, Vice President of Inner Mongolia Medical University in China visits University of Toyama

On October 17, Vice President Lu Haiwen, Deputy Director Ren Jianjun, and Deputy Director Zhu Yong from Inner Mongolia Medical University in China (IMMU) paid a courtesy visit to President Saito of University of Toyama (UT).

IMMU and UT have been engaged in academic exchange in the field of basic and clinical medicine since both universities had concluded an inter-university agreement in 2001, followed by the signing of the memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on remote medical education system with four affiliated hospitals of IMMU in 2016 and 2018.

The purpose of this visit was to discuss the promotion of academic exchange between both universities.  At the courtesy visit, President Saito expressed his gratitude for the mutual exchange of researchers and doctors that has continued over the years. In the discussion, the participants lively exchanged their opinions regarding future collaboration between university hospitals.

After the courtesy visit, the delegation had opportunity to exchange their opinions on medical cooperation and human resource development of both hospitals with Prof. Atsushi Hayashi and Prof. Yamamoto, Director and Deputy Director of Toyama University Hospital.  Then, the delegation visited operating room and rehabilitation room in Toyama University Hospital, where they listened to explanations from the hospital doctors.

With this visit, further development between IMMU and UT can be expected.

First row from left:
Vice-President Lu Haiwen, IMMU
President Saito

Second row from left:
Vice-President Zhu Yong, the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of IMMU
Vice-President Ren Jianjun, the Affiliated Hospital of IMMU
Executive Vice President Ikeda
Mr. Sakashita, Director of Student and Academic Affairs Department
Mr. Nishio, Manager of International Affairs Division