GRASS Establishment Workshop on Harmonizing Cross-disciplinary Collaboration for Sustainability Challenges: The Dissolving Margins

On November 28th, 2023, the Global Research Centre for Advanced Sustainability Science (GRASS) successfully organized an establishment workshop on Harmonizing Cross-disciplinary Collaboration for Sustainability Challenges: The Dissolving Margins.

The workshop aimed to address the challenges of dissolving margins across research eras and fields, and to explore transdisciplinary approaches and methods to resilience in a changing climate.

The workshop brought together a diverse group of cross-disciplinary researchers from the School of Engineering, University of Toyama; Osaka Metropolitan University; Kyoto University; Tokai University; and the UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

The workshop covered two specific themes: Dissolving Margins across Research Eras: Challenges and Adaptations; and Dissolving Margins across Research Fields: Transdisciplinary Approaches and Methods to Resilience in a Changing Climate.

The presentations and open discussions from the floor drew significant observations, which highlighted the need for enhancing collaboration network building among GRASS and other institutes. The Graduate School of Sustainability Science Students and young researchers actively participated in the question and answer sessions.

One of the major takeaways from the workshop was the importance of creating a platform for cross-disciplinary researchers to share their research and receive valuable feedback from other disciplines. Additionally, during the open discussion, it was suggested to develop an exchange of students program among cross-disciplinary institutes.

Overall, the workshop was a success in bringing together experts from different fields to discuss and explore solutions to sustainability challenges.