German Scholars from UNU-FLORES and TU-Dresden visited University of Toyama′s GRASS Centre

German scholars affiliated with UNU-FLORES and TU-Dresden recently undertook a collaborative visit to the University of Toyama, where the Global Research Centre for Advanced Sustainability Science (GRASS) hosted the event.
The purpose of their visit was to facilitate a future collaborative meeting and deliver special lectures as part of the university’s Global Research Seminar series.
This event was specifically organized in honor of two distinguished guests: Prof. Daniel Karthe, Head of the Research Programme-Resource Nexus for Regions in Transformation at United Nations University Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES), and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Stamm, Chair of Hydraulic Engineering and Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Dresden University of Technology (TU-Dresden).

Photo: Prof. Wada, Director of GRASS, introducing about the GRASS Centre and Activities

The inaugural day, set on January 30, 2024, comprised detailed discussions between GRASS members and the visiting scholars.
Prof. Naoya Wada, the Director of GRASS, along with Prof. Horie Norio, Vice Director, provided a comprehensive overview of the center’s overarching goals.
Current research activities were elucidated, and other members of GRASS engaged in interactive sessions, discussing potential avenues for future collaboration and the exchange of researchers and students.

Photo: Prof. Daniel Karthe, UNU-FLORES, Germany

Moving to the second day of the visit, a significant highlight was the organization of the Global Research Seminar Series.
Prof. Daniel from UNU-FLORES presented a thought-provoking lecture titled “The water and sustainability nexus in Mongolia: Trapped between climate change, urbanization, and mining boom?” During this session, he also highlights the opportunities available for Ph.D. programs under the Resource Nexus for Sustainability Transformation (NEXtra).
Prof. Stamm from TU Dresden contributed to the discourse with an exciting presentation focused on the “Transition of open coal mining pits to lakes, emphasizing the associated benefits for climate, environment, and society”.

Photo: Prof. Jürgen Stamm, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Both presentations delivered by the scholars provided valuable insights into the challenges and impacts of mining and environmental water management systems in Mongolia and Germany.
The participant students and faculty, consisting of Graduate students from the Graduate School of Sustainability Science and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, actively participated in discussions following the lectures.

Photo: Group picture with Prof. Daniel, and Prof.Stamm,

The session was moderated by Prof. Geetha Mohan, and Prof. Naoya Wada delivered concluding remarks, emphasizing the significance of the shared knowledge and collaborative essence furthered during this intellectual exchange.