Delegation from Section of Education, Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in Japan Visits University of Toyama

On November 28, 2018, Minister-Counsellor Hu Zhiping, First Secretary An Zaihe, First Secretary Gao Fang and Second Secretary Chen HuIli from Section of Education, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan paid a courtesy visit to President Shunro Endo.
Minister-Counsellor Hu expressed his appreciation to the University of Toyama (UT) for having accepted many Chinese students for a long period of time. After giving a welcome address, President Shunro Endo introduced the history of development of UT and its effort to promote internationalization. They had a lively exchange of views for improving consecutive interaction including acceptance of students and research exchange between Chinese institutions and UT.
Also Professor Hiroki Saito, Faculty of Humanities, and Associate Professor Sho Fukuda, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences introduced the current education of Chinese language at UT.
After that, the delegation visited the laboratory of Professor Zheng Tang, Graduate School of Science and Engineering for Research, and then toured the Museum of Materia Medica, Institute of Natural Medicine.

(From left in the front raw) First Secretary An, Minister-Counsellor Hu, President Endo, Director General Shimoshikiryo (From left in the back raw) Second Secretary Chen, First Secretary Gao, Prof. Saito, Assoc. Prof. Fukuda, Mr. Imura, Director of International Affairs Department