Delegation of Chinese Administrators Visits Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama

On December 5, 2018, Administrative Officials of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and University Staffs concerned with medical and pharmaceutical research, from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Guizhou Province, China, visited Institute of Natural Medicine (INM), University of Toyama. The visit is part of the Sakura Science Plan, which is supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency. The delegation came to Toyama after visiting Toho University and Keio University in Tokyo.

After giving a brief welcome address, Prof. Matsumoto, Director of INM made a presentation about the outline and research of INM, and introduced the development, feature and utilization of Kampo Medicine. Then Prof. Komatsu of INM and Assoc. Prof. Mori of the Museum of Materia Medica, INM explained valuable exhibits at the Museum. The delegation showed great interests in them.

Introducing INM by Director Matsumoto

At the Museum of Materia Medica, INM (Prof. Komatsu in the middle)

Commemorative Photo at the Museum of Materia Medica, INM