Associate Professor or Lecturer, Tenure Track(Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences:English language education)【Deadline for applications:Friday, February 1, 2019】

Job Description

  1. Position available: Assistant Professor or Lecturer, Tenure Track
  2. Organization: Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  3. Due to the sudden changes in weather conditions, cancelations of classes may be decided in addition to the above times. In that case, please follow the instructions of faculty and staff.
  4. Research Field: English language education
  5. Educational Field: Liberal Arts and Sciences English education for first-year university students in various majors

Deadline for applications

Must be postmarked on or before Friday, February 1, 2019


1-Job Announcemen[MS-word, 20KB]
2-Form-1_CV[MS-word, 25KB]
3-Form-2-list_of_publications[MS-word, 22KB]