Online Email Writing Workshop Held for Administrative Staff

The workshop for learning how to write business email in English was held via Zoom over four days in January and February, 2021 at Gofuku Campus, University of Toyama. In order to respond to the increasing number of international students and partnerships with foreign research institutions, the International Exchange Division organized this workshop to enhance the administrative staff‘s English writing abilities appropriate for this age of globalization.

Following a greeting from Mr. IMURA, Director of the International Affairs Department, under the guidance of both Japanese and native English-speaking teachers, 15 participants learned how to write professional emails in English necessary for their day-to-day operations and also improved their English communication skills through small group work.

Participants gave us feedbacks such as, “It was really useful to me. I learned how to adjust my writing style based on various circumstances.”, “Detailed feedback from a native speaker’s point of view was very informative for me.”, “I was able to learn the basics of writing official emails.”, “I improved my grammar and vocabulary skills for email writing. This was also an opportunity to realize what knowledge and skills I need to obtain in the future.”