Hosting students and faculty members from Andhra Pradesh (AP), India

University of Toyama (UT) hosted 11 undergraduate students and 2 faculty members from the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP), India, from January 23 to 24, 2023.

This program was held as a part of Sakura Science Program that Toyama Prefecture applied for and was selected as a host organization, which aims to invite talented students from universities in AP.

On the first day, Graduate School of Sustainability Studies of UT arranged a half-day program for invitees. After Dr. Wada, the dean of Graduate School of Sustainability Studies, briefly outlined the school, Dr. Kuramitz gave a lecture on water pollution and hands-on experiment on water quality measurement. Then, Dr. Geetha, an alumnus of Andhra University, carried out a mock class on SDGs and sustainability science. Later in the day, participants visited Toyama Port Observatory and Mori Residence Home, situated in Iwase, as a field trip to learn the natural environment, traditional architectural styles, and the food culture of Toyama Prefecture.

After the field trip, a dinner party was held at Toyama Prefectural Office, where not only faculty members of UT but also a few graduate students of UT attended and deepened their friendship with invitees from AP, India.

On the second day, invitees visited Itai-itai Disease Museum, accompanied by Dr. Park of Organization for International Education and Exchange of UT, to learn itai-itai disease, one of the four major pollution-related diseases, which originated in Toyama Prefecture, and gained understanding on the importance of environmental protection and health promotion.

This meaningful opportunity will lead to the further development of academic exchange between UT and universities in AP.

Dr. Kuramitz (left) and Dr. Wada (right) demonstrating an experiment of water quality measurement

Group Photo of participants