An Eminent Expert from Stockholm Resilience Centre visited University of Toyama’s GRASS Centre

On March 13th, 2024, the Global Research Centre for Advanced Sustainability Science (GRASS) hosted a lecture by Professor Thomas Elmqvist from the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The lecture titled “Resilience and Sustainability for Transformation in the Urban Century” was part of the Global Research Seminar Series. The seminar was attended by 16 participants, including faculty members from GRASS and students from the Graduate School of Sustainability Studies.

Photo Credit: Geetha Mohan

Prof. Thomas is an expert in sustainability and urban development, and during the seminar, he talked about how sustainability, resilience, and transformation are interconnected. He explained these concepts in simple terms and discussed how sudden changes in society can present challenges and opportunities for sustainable urban development.

Photo Credit: Geetha Mohan

The seminar was moderated by Prof. Geetha Mohan and Prof. Naoya Wada, and attendees actively participated in discussions and asked insightful questions. The session facilitated the exchange of knowledge and provided a deeper understanding of the complexities of urban sustainability and resilience.