2024 Spring Study-Excursion to Tateyama Murodo

The Organization for International Education and Exchange at the University of Toyama organizes study excursions every spring and fall to provide opportunities for international students to interact with each other and with Japanese students. On June 1, we conducted our Spring Study Excursion to Tateyama Murodo.

Despite it being our second visit to Tateyama Murodo following last year’s excursion, the demand was so high that we had a waiting list for cancellations. In the end, a total of 105 participants, including 80 international students and 22 Japanese students, explored the snowy Yukino Otani valley and the surrounding area of Mikurigaike Pond. Participants, speaking various languages, made new friends and experienced the unique nature of Toyama in good weather, enjoying a memorable and delightful day amidst the great scenery.