Group for JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program, “Regulatory Systems on Ensuring Access to Quality Medicines,” Visits University of Toyama

On July 19, 2019, 11 trainees from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), paid a visit to University of Toyama.

This visit was aimed at learning about R&D, evaluation, safety, quality, efficacy of Kampo medicine from Japanese pharmaceutical companies and institutions in the field of traditional medicine in Japan. The Institute of Natural Medicine (INM) and Toyama University Hospital were selected as the training destination.

After having a presentation made by Prof. Katsuko Komatsu, Director of INM, they toured the Museum of Materia Medica and the pharmaceutical department. Associate Professor Kato of pharmaceutical department gave a lecture and an explanation about a prescription about Kampo medicine, and they listened enthusiastically.

Based on the results of this training, participants will analyze and consider measures that can be applied to their own issues.

Presentation by Director Komatsu

At the Museum of Materia Medica

Explanation about Kanpo prescription by Assoc. Prof. Kato