Holding English Speaking Training for Administrative Staff

From August 26th to September 30th, the University of Toyama held an “Online English Speaking Training
” for administrative staff. It was organized by the International Exchange Division with the aim of improving
the abilities appropriate for administrative staff, in response to the increasing opportunities to interact with
international students and the increasing cooperation with overseas research institutes. The beginner class
with eight participants and the intermediate class with nine participants were held every Thursday for a total
of five days under the guidance of both Japanese and native English instructors.

Participants learned some basic phrases through dialogues at the beginning of each part of counter service,
visitor reception, and telephone English. They also practiced the useful phrases through role-playing with
native English instructors. Furthermore, the lesson covered more polite and casual expressions to fit various
situations through some case examples which are likely to happen at the university. 

Participants commented, “It was a good opportunity to learn a lot of useful phrases that can be used in actual
office work,” “I was able to have fun learning informative phrases with native English instructors and now
I gained more confidence to speak English.”