Special lectures by Research Scientists from the Alliance of Biodiversity International (CIAT), Consultive Group of International Agricultural Research at University of Toyama.

On December 15th, 2022, University of Toyama held a hybrid mode special lecture on the role of alliance biodiversity international, focusing on traditional food systems, food security in Kenya and the lingering effects of colonial and post-Independence extension policies at the school of the science building. It was part of the CFES Special Lectures & Panels 2022.

The special lectures featured the nurturing of the utilization of foods obtained from local landscapes for improved nutrition and livelihoods. Discussing several case studies, experiences addressing the needs of smallholder farmers, and lessons on food security for achieving ending hunger (SDG2). Both research scientists Dr. Yasuyuki Morimoto, and Dr. Patrick Maundu, highlighted the necessity of multidisciplinary approaches to the greater integration of food diversity, environment, nutrition and health for sustainable food production and building resilience in rural communities. Prof. Geetha Mohan chaired the session along with Prof. Naoya Wada.

Dr. Patrick Maundu and Dr. Yasuyuki Morimoto are sitting in the first row from the left.
The second and third rows from the left are master’s and PhD students and faculty from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering; and Graduate School of Sustainability Studies, including international participants who attended online.