University of Toyama International House

These were built for international students and researchers to promote international exchange. The Univesity has two International Houses; Gofuku International House which is about two kilometers away from Gofuku Campus, and Sugitani International House located inside Sugitani Campus. For more information, please contact the International Exchange Division on Gofuku Campus or Sugitani Campus.


International Students of University of Toyama
*Self-expense international students enrolled in degree-seeking couerses are not alllowed to apply for entering Gofuku International House.


Within one year

Name and Address Types For International students Monthly rent Layout
Gofuku International House
5037-2 Kanda Kanaya-aza Toyama-city
Single 34 rooms 5,900 yen Click
Couple 5 rooms 9,500 yen Click
Family 1 room 14,200 yen Click
Sugitani International House
2630 Sugitani Toyama-shi
Single 16 rooms 5,900 yen Click
Couple 2 rooms 11,900 yen Click
Family 3 rooms 14,200 yen Click

The water, gas and electricity rates and the fee for common services will be charged separately.


International Exchange Division on Gofuku Campus/Sugitani Campus

University of Toyama Student Dormitory

The University of Toyama has a student dormitory named Shinju-Ryou about two kilometers south of Gofuku Campus. For further information, please contact the Student Support Division.

Private Apartments

There are a lot of apartments around each campus. University of Toyama Cooperative Association helps each Campus’s students to find an apartment.

The apartment rent varies according to the area, the oldness of the building, the number of the rooms and the facilities. The average cost for an apartment (20 – 33m2) where the residents share a bathroom is about 10,000 yen to 25,000 yen per month.
One-room apartment with a private bathroom costs about 25,000 yen to 50,000 yen per month.
The water, gas and electricity rates and the fee for common services will be charged separately.

Please be sure to buy a fire insurance in preparation for an emergency.

Joint Guarantor System

When students rent apartments, the Toyama International Center is available as a joint guarantor.
In this case, students should join the General Housing Compensation and pay the fee. (This system doesn’t apply to any public housing such as municipal housing.)
Apply to the Office of Organization for International Education and Exchange on Gofuku Campus.

Financial Assistance – Loans

The University of Toyama offers a lending system by the International Student Support Fund for international students who are in financial difficulties resulted from sudden changes in their household finances.

  • Maximum amount of a loan : 50,000 yen
  • Interest rate on a loan : Free
  • Loan eligibility : The academic advisors admit that the international student has the sudden change of the household economy.
  • Repayment method : The loan must be repaid within a year of its inception. It may be paid in a lump or through a monthly-installment plan.
  • Application : Students desiring this assistance should apply to the Study-abroad Support Division on Gofuku Campus and Sugitani Canpus, and Administration Division, School of Art and Design on Takaoka Campus.