Institute of Natural Medicine

Institute of Natural Medicine is established for the purpose of “Research of scientific principle of natural medicine, and its applied research.” Making full use of modern advanced science and technology, scientifically research of natural medicines and traditional medicines are progressed to integrate Eastern medicine and Western medicine, and we build a new medicinal system. Our mission is to contribute to the establishment of holistic medical care, including the preservation of the natural environment. 1) Securing and preserving natural drug resources, 2) Promoting basic research in natural medicines and traditional medicines and integrating Eastern medicine and Western medicine, 3) Establishing the objective diagnostic and treatment system in Kampo medicine and the training of Kampo medical professionals, and 4) Forming a hub center of transmission for information of traditional medicine research.

Considering globally sharing problems to be overcome, that is aging progress, the increase in multifactorial diseases, and the depletion of natural resources, the Institute has been promoting the priority research projects from 2020 for implementing the project outcomes to the community. In Department of Research and Development, five divisions (Division of Medicinal Resources, Division of Bioscience, Division of Complex Biosystem Research, Division of Presymptomatic Disease, Division of International Cooperative Research) collaborate with each other to progress basic researches aiming for translating to clinical researches and to develop a drug discovery platform based on new mechanism. Department of Medicinal Resources Management conducts preservation and management of herbal drug resources such as traditional medicine and natural medicines, and promote joint research using herbal drug resources for drug discovery.Department of Clinical Application and Department of Academia-Industry-Government Collaboration manage and facilitate clinical trials, and promote exploration of drug candidates in cooperation with hospitals and companies. Kampo Education and Training Center is responsible for cultivation of academic staffs who can practice Kampo medical education, and for establishment of the education and training system. We aim to create next-generation medical science based on the integration of Eastern and Western medicine and contribute to the healthy and long-lasting society with the collaboration of the three Departments and one Center.


Department of Research and
Division of Medicinal Resources Section of Medicinal Resource Science
Section of Natural Products &
Drug Discovery
Division of Bioscience Section of Neuromedical
Section of Host Defences
Division of Complex Biosystem Research
Division of Presymptomatic Disease

Division of International Cooperative Research

International Cooperative Center : ICC

  • Chulalongkorn University
  • Cairo University
  • Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Department of Medicinal Resources Management
Department of Clinical Application
Department of Academia-Industry-Government Collaboration
Kampo Education and Training Center
Museum of Materia Medica