The special program adopting Tenure-track system

Toyama Support Center for Young principal Investigators in Advanced Life Sciences

In 2010, we established this program “Toyama Support Center for Young Principal Investigators in Advanced Life Sciences” introducing a tenure-track system to cultivate young researchers who will assist our university in its goal of becoming a new international research base in advanced life-sciences.
We welcome five faculty members in life-science and related field from all over the world. The newly employed faculty members will be appointed as a Specially Appointed Assistant / Associate Professor, and will be expected to act as a leader in order to break new ground through leading-edge research in innovative life-science field. Mentors in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical sciences, science, and engineering will cooperate in these activities.
Successful candidates will be provided independent research environments including sufficient research funds, start-up cost, a laboratory, and one research assistant. Under this program, we nurture young researchers to be respectable researchers with a flexible power of idea and international competitiveness beyond existing framework.

After completion of this program, we will apply this tenure-track system to the entire university to establish it.