Graduate School of Innovative Life Science

The Graduate School of Innovative Life Science provides cutting-edge knowledge and skills in order to elucidate functions of the central nervous system and related bio-systems, and develops functional materials and information-machinery complexes to benefit the maintenance and support of human health. Our goal is to enable graduates to assume positions of leadership in the multi-disciplinary fields of innovative life sciences, welfare for the elderly, advanced medicine, and bio-environment. This is the first attempt in Japan to integrate medicine, pharmaceutical science, basic science, and engineering for the purpose of collaborative education in the field of life science. The School also collaborates with students who have special needs, creating a novel style of education and research which incorporates their unique viewpoints and sensibilities.

Program Majors
Ph.D. Program
  • Cognitive and Emotional Neuroscience

(4-year course)

  • Biological Information Systems
  • Advanced Nanosciences and Biosciences

(3-year course)

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