School of Sustainable Design

Our civic design must be based on local nature, history, culture and industry, together with basic infrastructure. Cities must be safe, secure and comfortable both in hard and soft aspects. Moreover, civic designmust boost local power. School of Sustainable Design merges three disciplines; 1) Earth Science, 2) Civil and Traffic Planning/Design and 3) Materials Science and Engineering. We provide students with academic opportunities which enable them to contribute to the development of safe and secure cities and to enhance local vitality. Toyama has spectacular landscape ranging from 3,000 m high mountains to 1,000 m deep sea. Toyama plays leading roles in advanced civic design, which are top level in Japan and known internationally. Having Toyama as an ideal field for practice, students can acquire knowledge and skill essential for civic design.

Department of Earth System Science
Department of Civil Design and Engineering
Department of Materials Design and Engineering

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